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Every time you say ‘Africa is …’

“Every time you say ‘Africa is…’ the words crumble and break. From every generalization you must exclude at least five countries. And just as you think you have nailed down a certainty, a defining characteristic, you find the opposite is true in other places. Africa is full of surprises.” – Richard Dowden in Africa: Altered […]

As though literary journalism needs its own Ann Coulter.

“To condescend so witheringly, as Batuman does in her review, to the literature of ‘developing nations’ — these sorts of rhetorical moves are strangely anachronistic, not to mention ill-informed, and would embarrass even the less than politically correct among us a little bit, were we called upon to justify them. It’s not that we believe […]

On Mexico City — Again

I got back last week from another trip to el DF. It was warm, comforting, and just a little unfamiliar. Here’s a short piece I did for NewYorker.com on my stay there. Photo via The New Yorker

Recent Stories

A few stories have come out from my recent trip to East Africa: I wrote about my journey through the Great Rift Valley in a travel article for The New York Times. I also wrote about Uganda’s homosexuality question for VanityFair.com. Photo via VanityFair.com

Out of East Africa

The whole journey over — from the shuttle to Newark airport, to the plane to London, to the long layover in London Heathrow, to even approaching the airport in Nairobi — I was in a state of dazed detachment. I rationally knew that I was on my way back to Africa, but the fact hadn’t […]

Charles Bowden’s Mexico

American writer Charles Bowden has spent decades straddling the U.S.-Mexico border, writing gripping stories about the myriad of people caught in the bloody, messy drug trade, from hired drug cartel assassins to brave but scared Mexican journalists. Now he’s back with yet another book on Mexico, this time on the murder capital Ciudad Juarez. Hear […]

Exodus’s First Year

A year ago, I wrote my first post on Exodus, about adjusting both to life as a foreigner in Mexico and to the fact that Barack Obama was elected president. As I now prepare to leave Mexico in the coming months and explore more parts of the world, I look forward to sharing the last […]

A Deadly Time to be a Journalist

Mexican journalists are dying at an alarming rate in Mexico — the country is the deadliest place in the Americas to be a journalist, and among the deadliest in the world. The Committee to Protect Journalists, based in New York, says at least 24 have been killed since 2000, and seven have vanished in the […]

Fashion (Not Quite) Out of Africa

Recently published was a fashion story called “Out of Africa,” about a supposed trend among big-name designers who are drawing inspiration from “African” fashion. Besides the obvious, and usual, stereotyping of Africa as one monolithic place that doesn’t possess a myriad of fashion traditions from South Africa to Nigeria to Morocco, the references were just […]