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Fashion (Not Quite) Out of Africa

Recently published was a fashion story called “Out of Africa,” about a supposed trend among big-name designers who are drawing inspiration from “African” fashion. Besides the obvious, and usual, stereotyping of Africa as one monolithic place that doesn’t possess a myriad of fashion traditions from South Africa to Nigeria to Morocco, the references were just […]

Nairobi Fashion Day

At the end of April, the non-profit group Festival for African Fashion and Arts held the Fashion for Peace show inside the Nairobi National Park in Kenya. The show featured burgeoning talent and stunning designs from Kenya, South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania. Check out photos from the event in a New York […]

Biking in Mexico City and the Dutch Bike

I’ve never been a big biker. Before I lived in Mexico City, the last memory I have of a bike is falling over into a bush after trying to ride my freshman-year college roommate’s bicycle. But the capital is becoming known as a center for cycling and all activities green thanks to its liberal-minded mayor. […]

Andrew Dosunmu: Third World Glamour

Two of my favorite genres to write in are style and travel, and Andrew Dosunmu’s photography straddles both fields impressively. From India to Europe, Southeast Asia to Africa, his stunning portraits and editorials go right into the world’s biggest and most chaotic capitals and pluck out the edgiest, most interesting people and scenes. I saw […]