Buraka Som Sistema

I’ve heard of Buraka Som Sistema in various ways over the years, from indie outlets like Pitchfork and The Fader and on random, disparate playlists, but I’ve never really listened to the music group until recently. Based in Portugal, with heavy Angolan influences (Angola is a former Portuguese colony), Buraka has become a major player in the intriguing, bouncy kudoro genre.

Kuduro music was born in Angola in the 1980s, then moved into Lisbon in the 90s. Angolan music producers created the genre by pushing African percussion samples into basic calypso and soca rhythms. It’s been likened to dancehall music in Jamaica, and you can see why: the vibrating beats, the contagious movement of the songs. With a modern fusion of dance electronica and kuduro, Buraka is one interesting music project.

Below, one of their first singles and one of my favorites, “Yah!”:

Photo via The Fader


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