Elections and The Sudan


The Sudan, one of Africa’s powerhouse countries, has been on the brink for awhile — because of an ongoing conflict in its Darfur region and the aftereffects of a vicious 20-year civil war, everyone always knew that these next 12 months would be the breaking point for the vast land. Presidential elections are scheduled for next week, but those are already in disarray. Southern opposition leaders have pulled out amid cries of fraud and corruption, further deepening the divide between the North and the South. Pete Muller, a photographer, has a wonderfully evocative photo diary of his current travels through Sudan on the campaign trail.

I remember doing a story in the neon-green grassy fields of northwestern Uganda and interviewing impossibly tall, regally dark South Sudanese refugees who were still too afraid to go home after years of bloodshed — but who told me they would be back in time to vote for their independence. Next January, South Sudan will likely vote to be free from the government capital of Khartoum so that they can be in charge of their own resources (considerable oil and land) and their destiny. But I doubt Khartoum will let them go without a fight.

Photo by Pete Muller


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