Charles Bowden’s Mexico


American writer Charles Bowden has spent decades straddling the U.S.-Mexico border, writing gripping stories about the myriad of people caught in the bloody, messy drug trade, from hired drug cartel assassins to brave but scared Mexican journalists.

Now he’s back with yet another book on Mexico, this time on the murder capital Ciudad Juarez. Hear him talk on NPR about Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields here. Recently, three people associated with the U.S. consulate were murdered, while numerous young people have been killed as of late in cases of supposed mistaken identity.

5,000 people have been killed in Juarez in three years. Yet, as Bowden says, the deaths have frighteningly become “part of the ordinary noise of life.”

Photo via TIME

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  1. Glenn April 14, 2010

    Having listened to you this evening on CBC radio… I cried. A story of a beautiful people lost, losing… broken. Having been a soldier and in battles for my country (Canada), and thinking of my ‘brothers of the blade’ who continue to sacrifice, I can’t help but think what the hell is it all for. Have we lost it? Ten’s of thousands of troops in Afganistan/Iraq with no end in site, while Mexico implodes. How the world would change if a terrorist attack (real or imagined) came from the US south… God Damn it. Protect heroin trafickers in Afganistan, corruption and crime in Iraq… blind eye to the tragedy you have lived through. I am so mad.

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