Priya Ramrakha and Africa (and the Civil Rights Movement)


I’ve become a big fan of Indian-Kenyan photographer Priya Ramrakha. Killed at the age of 33 during the Nigerian Civil War in 1968, Ramrakha roved the continent, documenting under-reported stories and capturing effortless scenes of daily life across Africa. I feel a certain kinship to this photographer, who made covering Africa his life and even took photos during the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.

More of his photos are here. There is also a documentary.


Photos via the Priya Foundation and The New York Times

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  1. David Sasaki October 14, 2009

    Thanks for pointing to this. My favorite part of the article:

    Mr. Vidyarthi established the nonprofit Priya Ramrakha Foundation with the goal of honoring Priya’s legacy. The hope is to build a multimedia training school, most likely in Nairobi, for aspiring Kenyan journalists from under-privileged communities. The center would be named for Priya and would work to foster collaboration between African photojournalists and their international counterparts, the way Priya experienced it through his time in the United States. The foundation is still raising money, selling some of Priya’s most iconic photographs and accepting donations via its Web site.

    Great way to honor his legacy.

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