Afro-Mexicans and Political Movement

I have a piece up at taking a look at social and political hurdles black Mexicans currently face …


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  1. mothersheister September 16, 2009

    Thanks so much for writing this article. Alot of my friends have been sending it around. I didn’t realize it was you until I went on your website. I wrote you a couple of months ago about my plan to come to D.F. in december. I hope to meet you when I’m there.

  2. Cynara September 17, 2009

    While I found your article interesting, I was motivated to write you to clear up a factual ommission. Namely, Guerrero. Now this may be because I have lived on the west coast of Mexico, but every single afro-Mexicano/”Negro” I have every met can trace their roots to the state of Guerrero. Afro-Mexicans have not migrated to Acupulco in recent years because it is a tourist town, as your article implies. There are whole towns in Guerrero that are completely Afro-Mexican, including Puerto Maldonado and Tres Palos.

    Yet, every single article I’ve ever seen on the black Mexican population focuses on Veracruz. In your article you also mention Oaxaca. But, just based on my casual observations, I’d be pretty surprised if there were more black Mexicans in Oaxaca that Guerrero. Of course there’s bound to be some black Mexicans in Oaxaca- it borders the area of Guerrero with the largest black population. But unless there is another population center I am unaware of (always possible), the population center is Guerrero, not Oaxaca. Specifically, the lowland area South of Acapulco to Puerto Maldonado (on the border with Oaxaca).

    Just thought you might be interested in knowing this…

    • okeowo September 17, 2009

      Hi Cynara, I don’t intend to imply that Afro-Mexicans migrated to Acapulco in recent years because it is a tourist town, I am simply mentioning that it is a tourist town. Veracruz, however, is the port of entry for most of Mexico’s slaves. In an article I wrote for The Washington Post (check under my “clips” section), I write about an Afro-Mexican town in Oaxaca, Chacahua.

  3. pedro michel March 24, 2010

    The beauty of the spanish language spoken through the white teeth of a black man or woman is incomparable.The gentle yet ingenuitve that characterizes the oaxacan native blened with the afromexican inrich our world and especially the Costa Chica region of Oaxaca and Guerrero. Ill be giving the next three months to three years to this region.My experience over the last 30 years as a traveller,learner and lover of Mexico has taught me that she is sovern no matter the color of her people.After living 3 years in Oaxaca Im still so hungry for more of ethnic treasure chest of cultue andd beauty.If you would like to know more of my travel and experiences in the costa chica let me know.My wife and family moved to Mexico in 1984 and are still there. The family has grown from 4 to 17 but we are thrilled and not have any other way.

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