The “Where are You From?” Tally

I kind of stand out here. In a sea of Mexicans (and many white Americans and Europeans), I am decidedly other.

So I often get the question “De donde eres?” or “De donde vienes?”
Where do I come from? I could take a day to answer that question. But, for now, let’s look at the most popular guesses I get:

Cuba: > 10 times
Brazil: < 5 times
Jamaica: 2 times
Africa: 1 time
The United States: 0

Oh, the irony.

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  1. Jesus Chairez August 28, 2009

    Well I look Mexican, my grandparents crossed the border and I am second generation American. I left Dallas TX and moved to Mexico City – May 2008. The land that was my grandparents.

    I look the part of a dark skinned black haired Mexican. But when I open my mouth and talk I often get raised eyebrows and a: De donde eres? I find it weird that people often guess, South American: Brazil or Argentina, hardly every Texas.

    I like the unique distinction I bring in this global city.

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