The Floods Begin in Mexico City

Rainy Season 002

The rain came down in a gushing sweep of water last night, bringing hail to some parts of the city and torrential wind to others. It also knocked out the power in our neighborhood, leaving us in utter darkness for several hours. We lit candles and lay on our beds, tried to read and play music on what little batteries we had left. I felt a heady sense of deja vu of my Uganda days. I leaned my head out of the window in the living room and took in the spooky beauty of the cold night. A building across the way almost looked mysterious, with its peeling paint and abandoned windows. The apartment directly in front of me was also lit up with candles. I’m not a huge fan of rainy season, but there is a strange aesthetic appeal to the way it quiets the city.

Rainy Season 004

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