Swine Flu Wrap-Up

With this post, I conclude my coverage of swine flu mania. But for a look back on dispatches from the time, check out the following links from my friends and colleagues:

I wrote about the city shutdown here and the flu aftermath here.
Joy Hepp wrote about the tourist reaction here and was a fixer/translator for this CBS piece here.
Deborah Bonello did extensive reporting on both this site and this site.
Daniel Hernandez did a radio piece on a quiet, scared Mexico City here and a personal journal here.
Alfred Megally had a portfolio of swine flu photos mentioned by the New York Times here.
Susana Seijas reported on-the-ground for CBS and for the BBC here.
Franc Contreras reported for Al Jazeera here.
Sophie Nicholson reported for AFP on all aspects of the topic, including the city returning to action here.
Brian Frank did incredible photos for the Wall Street Journal here and Brian Harkin for Getty here.
And in June, look for Camilo Smith and Deanna Dent’s work in Reader’s Digest Mexico on hospitals and patients during the crisis.

Photo via AFP


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