An Earthquake, Too?


This morning, my photographer friend Deanna and I were sitting in my living room, both hunkered on our laptops, planning out the stories we were going to collaborate on this week, when suddenly I start to sway. Back and forth, the couch is moving, I’m moving — all the while I’m wondering if I’m imagining this, maybe I’m feeling a bit faint, when Deanna looks over at me and says, “Do you feel that?”

Thank God. I thought I was going crazy. Today Mexico had an earthquake of 5.6 magnitude. On top of a swine flu crisis, on top of a preexisting drought.

This is all sounding very . . . monumental. Fatalistic, really. But I won’t say it if you won’t.

Photo of people filing back into a building evacuated by the earthquake by Deanna Dent


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