Biking in Mexico City and the Dutch Bike


I’ve never been a big biker. Before I lived in Mexico City, the last memory I have of a bike is falling over into a bush after trying to ride my freshman-year college roommate’s bicycle. But the capital is becoming known as a center for cycling and all activities green thanks to its liberal-minded mayor. So, much to my surprise – and many others’ – I bought a bike my first months here and attempted to ride around.

And ride around I did! I stuck close to nearby, calmer neighborhoods and saved loads on cab fare and was really exercising – besides my old standby activity of walking – for the first time in years. Until, sadly, my bike was stolen one night. It was an older, rusty bike, too short for me, but I loved the handy thing, anyway. After it was taken, I was slightly bitter and didn’t want to get a new one, much less remember my days gliding around avoiding cars and overzealous policemen who really should be watching out for criminals, not women.

Until I saw the beauty pictured above, the Dutch bicycle. I read the article and saw the slideshow and almost went crazy with excitement. Stylish and functional? Designed for upright riding? Perfect for wearing nice clothes and no need for a helmet? Yes, yes and yes. I don’t actually mean I’ll buy this bike, but I think my grieving period has finally passed and it’s time to get a new one. Check it out here.

Photo via The New York Times


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