The Drug War Extends to West Africa


Joao Bernardo Vieira, president of Guinea-Bissau and pictured above, was assassinated Monday by his own soldiers after military chief Tagme Na Wai was killed the day before.

The assassination appears to be a clear revenge attack, as Vieira’s personal security force is believed to be responsible for Wai’s murder.

Naturally, the country has been thrown into chaos. While the military has sworn in an interim president, the murders of both the present and chief of armed forces is a bewildering event you see in movies — not something you’d expect to happen in real life.

A primary root of all this? The Latin American drug trade. The airstrips and ports of the former Portuguese colony have been effectively taken over by Latin drug gangs to smuggle cocaine from the Americas to Europe. Political instability, corruption and violence have only grown as Guinea-Bissau’s leaders have been swayed and controlled by cartel money, weapons and toys.

Hmm, sounds familiar.

Photo via The Daily Telegraph

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