Immigrants, Welcome to the U.S. Military


We all know that the United States is a “nation of immigrants.” A melting pot, it’s been called. But it hasn’t been acting like much of a beacon of hope for some immigrants, lately.

Besides abuse of Mexicans at the border, it has been discriminatory in rejecting Haitian refugees in comparison to Cuban migrants, and let’s not start on its current treatment of Middle Eastern immigrants. Indefinite detainment, extraordinary rendition: the terms are now accepted additions to our national vocabulary.

But now America wants to wipe its slate clean — sort of. Facing a failing war on two fronts, the U.S. military is introducing a one-year pilot program to recruit immigrants who are legally in the country on temporary visas. If they join the army, they’ll be on a fast track to gain U.S. citizenship in as fast as six months

Pretty sweet deal, if you don’t mind joining an increasingly desperate and violent battle. Unless, of course, you’re one of 35 million Spanish speakers in the United States. They’re not accepting those at this time.

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