The Man Who Would Be King


Marcelo Ebrard is Mexico City’s current mayor, the centrist liberal head of one of the most green-friendly city governments in the world. Ebrard, playing with Pele above, has given himself a populist image and launched a massive environmental and leisure program for capital residents, including getting rid of the infamous but heavily polluting VW beetles, re-introducing recycling and revamping the disorganized trash system, closing streets weekly for cyclists, and building artificial beaches and ice-skating rinks in the city.

Mexico City is the only place in Mexico where it is legal to get an abortion and to enter in a same-sex civil union.

Some call him eccentric. Others say he’s all show and ambitious. Either way, he’s intriguing — far more mainstream and perhaps creative than the radical head of his party — and could make for a dynamic next president of Mexico, particularly as the U.S. military warns of a possible failed state future for the country.


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