Acapulco: A Return to Glamour or Overdevelopment?


The name Acapulco conjures up faded glamour and lost Hollywood glory. Still a magnet for movie stars, their hangers-on, and those just wishing to get a glimpse of the rich and famous, the locale retains some of its appeal.

But with its gaudy resorts, increasingly dirty beaches, polluted waters, and Wal-Mart and Hooters on the corner, the lure of the town has dimmed in comparison to Pie de La Cuesta, a sleepy fishing village a mere 15 kilometers away that is known as the “Sunset Town” for its breathtaking sunsets.


The beach is slowly luring visitors from the tourist trap that has become Acapulco. Instead of trying to avoid watching Chilango couples on vacation snog on Acapulco’s crowded public beaches, we were invited to watch — then pay — a couple of random Cuesta locals show us their diving skills in Pie de la Cuesta’s rocky waves. It’s a step. With famed lagoons, isolated islands and virgin beaches, but only a few lodges and a tiny market, Pie de La Cuesta is also cheap to boot and has its own claim to fame: its Coyuca lagoon was the setting for the Tarzan and Rambo II movies.

Exciting, I know. But on a recent road trip there, we couldn’t help but compare the trash and people-filled congestion of the first photo compared with the gorgeous serenity below — once we got through the traffic.



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