The Acid Man


Some acid-marred bones here. Corroded teeth over there. Mexicans living on the tumultuous U.S.-Mexico border were being murdered then eradicated, literally.

The picture above is of Santiago Meza, also known as “El Pozolero del Teo” or “The Stew Maker,” a Mexican man suspected of having drug ties and being responsible for the disappearance of at least 300 civilian bodies by dissolving them with acid.

Meza, who’s from the violence-ridden border town Tijuana, was paraded by the army upon his capture, when he admitted to being paid $600 a week in order to douse unknown victims of the drug war with corrosive chemicals and then dumping the remains.

He’d been doing it for ten years.

“They brought me the bodies and I just got rid of them,” Mr Meza told journalists at a construction site where he disposed of the bodies over a 10-year period. “I didn’t feel anything.”

The cost of Mexico’s drug battles was 5,700 lives last year, often the result of revenge killings, random shootouts and gruesome cartel rivalry-related murders.

Now, in a saddening twist that could have been expected, the relatives of hundreds of missing people — some 450 — are demanding the chance to show pictures of their loved ones to Meza.

But while certain DNA tests could be done on the mangled human remains left in the pits these “acid men” used to dispose of people, the idea that this pozolero del teo could or would want to remember the faces of the countless bodies he wasted is likely just wishful thinking.


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