_MG_9116rsHi, my name is Alexis Okeowo and I’m a writer and reporter based in New York but often traveling. I used to live and get in trouble in Nigeria, Mexico, and Uganda. I’m writing a book about people standing up to extremism in Africa, to be published by Hachette. And yes, I really grew up in Alabama.

E-mail: aboutexodus [at] gmail [dot] com

Speaking inquiries: Jin Auh, jauh [at] wylieagency [dot] com

I was interviewed by the folks at the Longform podcast about my work and my travels.


My latest long story is about the city that’s the love of my life and the bane of my existence: Lagos. Read here at Granta about the efforts to turn it into a modern megacity.


I wrote about the film ‘Timbuktu’ and humanizing terrorists.


I wrote about the electric new film ‘Girlhood,’ one of the best films I’ve seen this year (and last).


On the Nigerians rising up to fight Boko Haram themselves, for The New York Times Magazine.

Some recent thoughts on living in the time of Ebola, in a country that once had an outbreak of it, in The New York Times: Living With the Terror of Ebola.


My story from September on a radical anti-slavery activist in Mauritania for The New Yorker.


Belatedly, my coverage of Boko Haram’s abduction of 300-plus Nigerian schoolgirls for The New Yorker:

Nigeria’s Stolen Girls and The Troubled Search for Nigeria’s Stolen Girls (on the web).

Missing (in the print magazine).


I wrote about the stunning work of South African photographer (and lesbian activist) Zanele Muholi for The New York Times Lens Blog.


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